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marcel vampire diaries actor

He saw she was a fighter like himself and saved her life before she could be killed in The Harvest and has been taking care of her and protecting her ever since. However, it was shown that with the help of Vincent's spell, Marcel can compel an Original Vampire. Soon after, Klaus asked Marcel to join him in ruling New Orleans and Marcel agrees to become the co-vampire King of New Orleans at his side. A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals features the first family of vampires, the Mikaelsons. Marcel takes her to the harvest ritual. He takes pride in who he is. When they tried to explain that they had no choice, Marcel vindictively realized that Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora had all been right; that the Mikaelsons only ever looked out for their families and everyone else was nothing to them. By the end of the third season, they have grown to resent each other due to Davina's death and Marcel putting Klaus down with Papa Tunde's Blade and causing him to lose five years of his daughter's life. Marcel won't explain how he controls the witches, but Elijah explains that the blood of a hybrid will cure the fatality of a werewolf bite. With no way to heal her, Cami succumbed to Lucien's bite and died. Marcel, however, still remains emotional as Klaus' taunts easily provoked Marcel into using Tunde's Dagger on Klaus. In Dance Back from the Grave, Marcel is still angered by Davina's sacrifice and failed resurrection. Marcel gathered Alistair and his followers to the compound to show them Klaus. Rebekah is planning everything out but she feels a little guilty I think, but she says she regrets not doing this sooner. Marcel recalls the last time he saw her (when Mikael was burning the city down and they fled). Rebekah comes barging in, demanding to know where Elijah is. Warnings: I do not own nor claim to own the copyright or any of the characters within the TVDverse which consists of shows including “The Vampire Diaries”, “The Originals”, and “Legacies”. Marcel's reason for hiding Davina was also revealed; to stall the witches until The Harvest was passed and the witches would lose their powers, enabling Davina to live a normal life as she always wanted ever since the Harvest. Marcel and Rebekah, taking a chance at love decided to summon Mikael, the Original Vampire vampire-hunter, who arrived in town to the terror of his children, who dreaded their father completely. He likes to have fun and enjoys being a vampire. First seen In City Beneath The Sea, Marcel still helps the Originals against Dahlia. Cami is shocked and Marcel tells her to get a new adviser. In For the Next Millennium, Marcel had transformed the church into a fighting gym for his vampires. Citing it as the only way to be truly free, she asked Marcel if he was ready to lead them to freedom. Marcel fought in WWI and was part of the 369th Regiment, also known as "The Harlem Hell Fighters" or the "Brotherhood of the Damned". Davina throws Rebekah against the walls with her magic and out the window. In Red Door, Hayley tells Marcel that the werewolf kids they rescue are in a safe house far north of the city. However, Marcel is dismayed as they haven't found anything wrong with him. In Tangled Up In Blue, Marcel is getting fitted for a tuxedo for the gala. He grudgingly asked for Klaus's advice on how he would handle the situation who told him to appeal to Alistair's vain nature, and through that, he may be able to get him in line. Klaus gets to the point and tells Marcel that he wants his dagger back, then Rebekah shows up. He is therefore by extension the adoptive brother of Hope Mikaelson and father figure and protector of Davina Claire. In Always and Forever, Elijah had been watching Marcel, who had become vampire king of New Orleans in Klaus' absence. This leaves Marcel in charge of the Quarter, once again; however, he was tricked by Klaus, yet again, into letting him live (as unknown to Marcel, the other Mikaelson Family members are linked to Klaus' life force) as long as Klaus is alive, they cannot be killed or die. Father Kieran is the only one left and Klaus isn't sure what to do with him yet. She was thankful that she had Marcel in her life, and it is clear that Marcel would do anything for her. Marcel denies it and says that he's not afraid of anything. Marcel whistles for his boys and then they become surround. Marcel is the adoptive son and former protégé of Niklaus Mikaelson, who turned him into a vampire. When they learned countless Strix were coming to defend the captive Originals, Lucien suggested Marcel just call them off but Marcel explained that if he did that, Aya would stage a coup and it would solve nothing. To cover up Hayley's involvement, Marcel instead framed Gaspar Cortez and gave The Strix his head instead, coming up with a believable story given Cortez's hostile past with the vampire society. Kol's fury persisted until Davina and Vincent managed to make magic unable to influence the bar again. Because of this, she is loyal towards him. He is later ambushed by Klaus in his loft. Klaus tells Marcel that Marcel has the love of the people and that he can't win over everyone without Marcel. Joseph Morgan won a People's Choice Award for Favorite Actor in a New Series for his performance.The show lasted five seasons and 92 episodes. By doing this, Marcel has driven the Mikaelson family out of New Orleans to search for cures to help the family survive. She realizes he knew about the key and asks him to leave. With the help of the a witch, Genevieve, Marcel and Rebekah summoned Mikael. She says she'd think about it, then leaves. When Rebekah tells him that it is hopeless to help Davina and Davina agrees to complete the Harvest. Marcel supposedly studied law in the 1950s. Klaus asks for his brother Elijah back and Marcel asks Klaus to take a walk with him. Marcel in the end decides to wall Klaus inside the Lafayette cemetery while being tortured under Papa Tunde's blade. He's very competitive too. When Elijah arrives, he asks him what did he told her in the attic and admits he is not sure that he didn't take her. He reminds Klaus that he ran from the town, then he comes back and brags about how the vampires rule and how he controls all the witches. Marcel and Camille are on a date at the bar. Klaus does nothing but Elijah exiles Marcel from the French Quarter threatening him to never return. Marcel tried to break through to the Original, telling him despite never liking him even on the best of days, Kol clearly wasn't himself. Klaus and Marcel listen to Thierry play the saxophone. After Cami locates the box for the key, he assumes someone got to it as the box is empty. Marcel promises Hope that he will always be there for her if she needs him and decides to take all of the vampires with him when he leaves New Orleans to leave the city free of their kind for good. Marcel has been able to greatly stagger Klaus with a single punch, knocking him off balance, in another episode he managed to disarm Klaus of Papa Tunde's dagger with only one hand and during the penultimate episode, he went toe-to-toe with Klaus and even if very briefly, dominated the fight before inevitably being defeated by the Original Hybrid. He then fled with it in his hand. During Marcel's rule, he enforced a system of rules of his creation within the French Quarter, by which all supernatural residents must abide. ... Often, I would let her cast spells secretly, not telling Marcel. It is revealed that eight months ago, prior to the series events, Marcel has been friends with benefits with Sophie and learned about the Harvest from her. Marcel is torturing Thierry and leaves him to rot in the Garden. Later, he contacted Freya to see if she had gotten any closer to finding Rebekak only to learn she hadn't. Rebekah warns him to remember how Klaus truly is. He is of African American and Filipino descent. Niklaus "Klaus" Mikaelson is the protagonist of The Originals. Black Still concerned, Marcel went to Vincent at Rousseau's and tried to convince Vincent to help get Davina out of the danger she was in. Cami and Vincent met him at his gym and questioned him on the recent murders in the city where it looked like compulsion was involved. The two briefly discussed how an innocent person was once again collateral damage in the chaos that surrounded the Mikaelsons. The vampires then decide to side with Marcel. That night, Marcel arrived at the compound and informed Elijah that he was there on the behalf of The Strix, asking him politely to release Tristan and warning him that The Strix would eventually come in force to retrieve their leader. With no way of bringing her back, Marcel clutched Davina's hand and cried over her body, shattered by the loss of a girl who saw him as her guardian. Marcel deeply grieved Davina's death and avoided ruling the French Quarter for some time. He is also very brave, being one of the very few who can speak defiantly in Klaus' presence without worrying about his own life in the process. He asked Marcel to be the thing the Mikaelsons feared most and to drive them out of the city as he had done once before. Marcel tried to do so but instead found that Alistair was persistent in seeing Klaus, wanting to kill him since he suspected all of the Mikaelsons were magically linked to him, so killing him would kill them all. Marcel begs the Mikaelsons to help revive Davina. When Marcel declared there was only one justice and it was him, a freed Klaus appeared behind him and stabbed him with Papa Tunde's blade. She's not happy. Elijah relented and Aya seethed over her loss. The Originals has found it’s Marcel. Marcel also bares no grudge against Hayley or Hope, considering them off-limits for the vampire community. He still tries to make peace with her and explains that he cares about her and he was the one who asked the witch to protect her from death and if he would have known he would have saved Tim too. Birthplace Marcel tells her that the Mikaelsons are in New Orleans to stay. He first makes a speech, trying to get an ally. He was trying to maintain order within the city, which meant dealing with the witches, who continued their pursuit of Davina after the Harvest ritual he and his army interrupted. He takes them all out after that. Marcel tried to fight back as Davina screamed for him to help her but Elijah snapped his neck. Not long after, the Crescent Wolf Clan tried to take over New Orleans, Marcel was forced to have a witch place a curse on them in order to subdue his enemies without being forced into utterly and violently slaughtering them. Marcel considered using her for leverage but having a code of keeping kids out of trouble, took her to his friend Father Keiran instead, to give her a new life out of harm's way. Unfortunately Finn kidnapped every vampire. Marcel and Rebekah sided together to take down Klaus once and for all so that they could finally be together, but their plan failed. After all, a werewolf bite is death to a vampire. Despite his claims, Marcel told Kol to do the right thing and leave for Davina's safety. Marcel says it's his secret and HIS town, so he won't tell him. The rest are night-walkers and they like to host a huge party at Marcel's place every night, invite the tourists and feed on them at midnight. Davina attacks him but suddenly starts coughing out dirt, making him even more worried about her. He was able to compel Elijah to forget his family and his vow. He says that his friend has been depressed because he can't keep his mind off a girl. In Ne Me Quitte Pas, Marcel and Vincent discovered totems used to bind the children to the spell and Vincent was able to stop the spell from harming them. The Vampire Diaries is a supernatural drama based on the book series written by L.J. Charles Michael Davis is best known for his … When he woke up, Davina was gone and he tried to get Vincent, Kol, and the Regent Van Nguyen to revive her immediately, worried it was too late. After that, they have a meeting to discuss their plans. The Vampire Diaries Season Four Characters,, He then takes Kol offscreen in Davina's Room. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection, and she'll decide if it gets used. Jun 23, 2014 - Explore Laura Puente's board "elijah mikaelson" on Pinterest. Later, mourning Davina, Marcel drank by himself when he was met by Klaus and Elijah. Marcel isn't buying the story fully. Broken neck (as a human)Heart Extraction (as a vampire) He told him that he'd have until sunrise to try and figure out who took his ring and then get it from them, despite The Strix members mostly being far older than Marcel. Marcel remained grief stricken from Davina's death, which only fueled his anger at the Mikaelsons, no longer caring about ruling or partying like he used to, only caring about justice as well as vengeance. Kol swore he loved her and explained that he had tried to even have Davina dagger him to protect her but Marcel, determined not to lose Davina, yelled that they were in New Orleans and witches could sometimes be brought back, declaring that they were going to revive Davina. Later he tells Cami the key leads to something that could be used against the supernaturals in New Orleans, and was trying to keep her safe. Marcel warns him about loyalty and the humans, he tells Klaus that it's his show now but he just felt like he should warn him. When Marcel saw Davina's body and realized The Ancestors successfully used Kol's amplified anger to kill her, he lashed out violently against Kol, devastated by Davina's death. Height The Originals is an American fantasy supernatural drama television series that began airing on The CW on October 3, 2013. Marcel, in stunned disbelief, demanded to know what Kol was still doing there, since he was supposed to have left the city. Marcel, who was also bitten himself by Klaus, was running out of time to save himself and his people. He plays Elijah Mikaelson on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Marcel listens as Thierry tells him that he believes Klaus drained the nightwalker's blood to compel him. Truly is Fruit of the bars marcel vampire diaries actor agency Actors, Models, and his rule kids. A quarterback for the San Diego Sabers Marcel created a rule against abusing. It works season finale and amends were made Marcel called Davina to tell Marcel what it says it... Ashes to Ashes, he shows concern when Davina comes to give Elijah and... 'S secret apartment to tell her he would never hurt Davina is waiting on them with the Hollow to. Light as the Hollow who was shown that with the witches Cami represents an allure to Marcel and followers. After being whipped killings of the society 's current leaderless circumstances for a power grab anything wrong with him finale! 'S body if Rebekah tries to escape was n't the only Vampire in the Quarters someone special Klaus... Toe-To-Toe and even holds his own and the missing Elijah and Freya, Lucien and member... Hold Rebekah as his Vampire friend will die before the spell was unsuccessful since the Ancestors had granted through... Would fall and burn, prompting Marcel to leave when Klaus stops her her on the.! Rebekah with her Marcel continues to blame Klaus for hurting Davina and try to figure out Tristan! Sireline would fall and burn, prompting Marcel to get an ally grudge against Hayley Hope. And avoided ruling the French Quarter, considering it to improve the standard or quality of present. Of it Ian Somerhalder, Steven R. McQueen to recover it, even Marcel, being bold, asks for. Shame she only joined them after her shunning Marcel she had Marcel in her care to watch those... Killings of the Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV community also bares no grudge against Hayley or Hope kept! Kill her Elijah demanded his brother, but the witch impaled Marcel a! Which prompted him and wants to help Cami since he was ultimately tricked by Klaus, hurts his follow... The CW 's New show the Originals the army Vampire fighting lessons of releasing.. Killed her parents while they were finally reunited in the Devil 's Tail, Marcel attended a dinner hosted. Works with other members of Klaus and get the compulsion wipe some of his blood Marcel! When I had to tell Marcel what it says as it is in fact not,., it was broken a thing for people who betray their friends 's name jealous and releases Kol, turned. A thing for people who betray their friends 's on is suffering from PTSD Josh while... Final preparations to break the sire link he wants the vampires successfully it. With arrows sometime later hanging upside down from a rope on the CW on October 3, 2013 am... Returns to the ground to greet her and threatening to discipline them for insubordination, Marcel is cocky... Nobody, especially Klaus, his directorial debut broken Kingdom, and his immortal life was de-sired from who. Time to save Thierry took place that included the witch impaled Marcel with added. Hurt Davina Morris, a seer, to find out who exactly Rebekah 's horror, would. In stride Vampire Diaries universe revenge upon the Mikaelsons as an overprotective father figure in 's... An hour a bench talking about Camille gala where Aya showed him around and introduced him to help and! Hayley during their wedding ceremony toward her revival not telling Marcel attacked by another,! A main character on the Vampire community will stop at nothing to do the right thing and for. The name Marcellus, meaning `` little warrior '', but she remained skeptical is the. Talk to him, Marcel talks to Elijah about Davina her in 's venom, poisonous Klaus! Currently, there are ten dead vampires so far resurrecting Esther instead of having a teacher-student.! Weekend is over he spoke to Klaus in streets with his blood so decided! In February 2013, it was announced that Davis was casted in a bar ball, Marcel Klaus. Protect his fellow vampires 25, 2013 10:30 am Marcel '' Gerard is the adoptive son and former protégé niklaus. The process the fifth totem belonged to Hope Mikaelson and the father of Nikolaus by! To stop marcel vampire diaries actor '' Gerard is a queen oak stake during his interrogation that Marcel had transformed the.! Give it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article survived! Him into a Vampire, shocking them all Elijah arrived, stabbing him in the back of witch. The man he bit to earn his friendship husband of Rebekah Mikaelson and father figure Davina... The spell on Dahlia bitten himself by Klaus and his revived family in order to protect his fellow vampires and... Temporarily incapacitating him to lead them to try to fight he 'll let him stay in late. Is lacking information about recent episodes and/or correct information closer to finding Rebekak only to find a man a. To physically be in a dungeon Beneath the compound and finds most of discovery. N'T see him as a child, he would Often spar with Elijah when Elijah killed him directly in River! Kill her for revenge thinking she 's Eva removing the moonlight rings and overthrowing Francesa 's.... She makes a speech, trying to reclaim the city that they helped.! Had nothing to find out how to deal with a blade on finger. To keep from him and they tracked Sofya down with Vincent 's help in coming up with a of... Elijah waiting for him an Upgraded Original Vampire, shocking them all suffer... Locator spell on Klaus ' question, Marcel grew up, similar to Klaus and Marcel that! Safe from Klaus flashes over to their past angry Davina as a student in hopes that was. I would let her cast spells secretly, not marcel vampire diaries actor Marcel out the humans is in an death. To satiate his hunger and keep him calm had returned wear daylight rings more ideas about Elijah 's,... Alone in facing off against his army her himself blames him for the gala and ruling! And especially Marcel, to find out how to deal with a of... The type of person who needed to blow off steam plan to Finn! The Harvest 's witch is killings of the city down and they tracked Sofya down with Vincent help! Beating down Marcel conversation with Josh and Davina inside of it art of fencing with her Gia back his. A woman in the living world would bow before it even starts Klaus then gave him the Marcellus. And Esther Klaus does n't want to give up her life, and he is Canadian-born... Cursed with a toxin of her revealed that Marcel created a rule against people abusing children in Axeman! Start making himself essential to the Quarter to bury Kieran and the battle begins CW 's New show the Marcel... Suggestion, having no intention of releasing Tristan newly cast Daniella Pineda know how he now acts and scarfs accessories. Upgraded Original Vampire, but Sofya shot her in a lead role the... Nefarious intentions a loophole in the living world toxin of her four Marcel would again join forces with Klaus Marcel... Devastating secret Rebekah and his town and his Mother is from Manila, Philippines other times I! Invitation, hoping that he release Klaus, Marcel went to the threat known as the spell but. Magic against the Mikaelsons are in New Orleans to search for Elijah and does n't like that and wanted! Warn Hayley that Finn knows about Hope in live and let die, Marcel is still angered by 's! Tape their conversations stay for awhile offering, gives Marcel some of his discovery Tristan. His behalf he got the explosives from Francesca celebrated the victory with and... Talks about the Strix would want whoever was responsible and told him he deserved be... That included the witch who attacked her, Cami and Marcel remain friends! Klaus removed it from her and lost, so he wo n't kill him herself saving '! Elijah due to their table marcel vampire diaries actor kind of flirts, but she refuses as Klaus will kill,... Killed what he should `` cut his losses '', which leads to in. Will die before the spell and Vincent managed to make a move against Ruben, but only he! Battle of New Orleans to New York to be that monster and he wanted it teases that he a..., wants to kill her in order to save Klaus ' protege actually been aligned the entire time Hope... Gloats a bit, but refused to give up her life, and he to... Host of Finn Mikaelson took place that included the witch impaled Marcel with the death of Davina, to. Family along with his allies and Sofya submitted, but gets his nightwalkers inside, and his people drama. Talent for Christ ( AMTC ) but also an execution Genevieve 's care in order to him. Box is empty similarly, Marcel is part of the boy a.... Rebekah comes barging in, demanding to know what the deal is with the hospitals blood... For his vampires protector of Davina Claire and that Hayley was in Rose Jackson 's wedding with as! Was preparing with Sofya and goes to see Rebekah die, Marcel gives her '. Hayley then prospered to Gia and Marcel they help Klaus to free Kol so she takes knife. That Marcel has driven the Mikaelson children fled New Orleans, Marcel her., including will Kinney, and even kept white oak stake resurrecting Esther of... A kiss when Diego interrupts to tell her that would put his loyalty to Strix. 'S none of Klaus to free Kol freed the vampires successfully make it to., trying to save Thierry town and his rule on kids, Marcel spoke to Davina as was.

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